Electrical engineering services entail a series of procedures aimed at solving both common and complex electrical faults. On the other hand, electrical engineering services also come in handy during the installation of electrical appliances and systems in homes, offices, businesses and industrial spaces. Besides, electrical services also encompass the provision of electricity for events and exhibitions. All these are clear indications of the greater importance of electrical engineering services.

As hinted above, electrical engineering services encompass a wide range of solutions including repair and replacement, installation, upgrades among others. As such, there are certain procedures that might sometimes seem easy to handle. However, performing electrical works without the right skills, experience and tools for the job can be very dangerous and costly. And, that is why it is always advisable to hire professional electrical engineering services.

At Electrical Service Singapore, we are the experts in electrical engineering service Singapore that you can trust to deliver tailor made solutions to all your electrical needs. Our company is one of the leading electrical engineering professionals in Singapore, offering reliable, affordable and precise electrical engineering services for homes, offices, businesses, industrial establishments and events. Our electrical engineering service portfolio entails a variety of solutions including.

General Electrical Services

We understand there are numerous kinds of electrical needs, each of which requires unique solutions. Thus, our company focuses on all-inclusive electrical services to enable you get all your needs met under one roof. We specialize in general electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial establishments across Singapore. Our portfolio includes but, not limited to the following electrical services.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are essential electrical components that protect the entire electrical wiring systems of buildings. In fact, circuit breakers can also prevent incidences of electrical fires. At Electrical Service Singapore, we provide professional installation, repair and replacement of circuit breakers for homes, offices, businesses and industrial buildings.

Electrical Repair & Replacement

Even with the best quality electrical appliances, faults and malfunction are a common occurrence that you should expect. To keep your building safe and comfortable, we offer electrical repair and replacement for electrical switches, distribution box (DB), ceiling fan and lighting.

Power Trip and Power Failure

Power trips and power failure are undoubtedly one of the most frustrating experiences, especially when you were in the middle of a critical task. Apart from just the inconvenience that comes with the experience, power trips and power failures could also impact greater losses to businesses. Talk to us today for the best power trip and power failure solutions.

Electrical Wiring Installation and Upgrade

Performing electrical wiring works even on a small room can be quite challenging without better electrical engineering skills. We specialize in custom electrical wiring installation and upgrade in homes, offices and businesses in Singapore.

Electrical Installation

Installing electrical appliances usually require unique techniques, a keen attention to detail and equipment. Our company has a team of electrical engineering professionals for the best electrical installation service Singapore.

Power Socket and Electrical Power Point Installation

Electrical sockets and power points are essential components for the convenient and safe distribution of electricity across living and work spaces. For tailor-made power socket and electrical power point installation service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Electrical Switches Installation

Installing electrical switches usually seems like DIY project but, it is always recommended to let a professional electrician do the job. We specialize in the best electrical switches installation service Singapore.

Electrical Troubleshooting Services

Electrical faults generally vary from one case to another, which also require customized solutions. For lasting solutions, it is always advisable that a proper preliminary assessment and inspection of the electrical appliances is done to diagnose all the issues. Our company offers professional electrical troubleshooting services for all electrical problems.

Emergency Electrician Services

Most of the times, you never know when you will need electrical services. In case you have an emergency electrical problem in your home, office or business, our company is the go-to emergency electrician services provider that guarantees swift and quality workmanship.

Water Heater

Water heaters are among some of the common electrical appliances found in HDBs, condos, private residences and businesses today. At Electrical Service Singapore, we also specialize in custom water heater installation, repair and replacement service Singapore.

Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is the hallmark of convenience, comfort and luxury that every home owner is yearning to achieve. Our company is the expert that you should engage when seeking bespoke smart home automation solutions Singapore.

Ceiling Fan

Whether you need a professional electrician to install, repair or replace your ceiling fan, we have the right personnel to meet all your expectations. Contact us for the best ceiling fan repair and installation service.

Electrical Safety Inspections

The regular and proper inspection of electrical appliances and systems is recommended to keep buildings safe from electrical problems. We perform professional electrical safety inspections on residential, commercial and industrial property in Singapore.

Lighting Services

Apart from just illuminating your spaces, proper lighting also helps with improving comfort and the overall appeal of buildings. Besides, lighting can also be set up to create different effects in interior and exterior spaces. Overall, proper lighting keeps your living and work spaces lit, safe and beautiful. But, all these can only be achieved through professional lighting services. And, Electrical Service Singapore is the expert in lighting electrical services Singapore that you should engage to handle your lighting projects.

Our company specializes in comprehensive lighting solutions for homes, offices, businesses and events. Our lighting electrical services include but, not limited to the following.

Our sports court lighting service covers several areas and types of sports courts including.

Regardless of the size or unique requirements for your property’s lighting project, we have the right skills and tools to always deliver custom solutions.

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

Unlike residential property, commercial and industrial buildings have unique needs when it comes to electrical services. Apart from just the electrical appliances, commercial and industrial establishments also require specific approaches for installation, repair and upgrade of their electrical systems. Thus, commercial and industrial electrical projects should always be left to the professionals at Electrical Service Singapore. We have many years’ experience in commercial and industrial electrical services that guarantee the ultimate solutions.

We specialize in the following commercial and industrial electrical services.

Even if you may need other electrical services not listed above, talk to us for the best recommendations. We have helped many businesses and industrial establishments in Singapore develop and maintain highly efficient and safe electrical systems.

Electrical Power Services

Electricity is an essential requirement for powering electrical appliances both indoors and outdoors. While many properties usually have their own power sources, there are also some situations whereby you may need to outsource electricity. Without a reliable partner for electrical power services, it would be quite frustrating to host an event at a venue without adequate power source. But, you no longer have to go through such hassles anymore because we also specialize in reliable electrical power services Singapore.

Our electrical power services include

At Electrical Service Singapore, we guarantee the best electrical power services for all kinds of events and exhibitions in Singapore.

Why Choose Electrical Service Singapore

Choosing the right service provider for your electrical engineering project can be a daunting task, especially if you have never hired the services before. Our company is the go-to specialist in electrical engineering service trusted by home owners, businesses and industrial establishments in Singapore. Here’s why Electrical Service Singapore continues to dominate the electrical engineering service market.

  • Professional electrical engineering services offered by qualified and licensed electricians.
  • All-inclusive home, commercial and industrial electrical engineering solutions
  • Reliable electrical services delivered at your own convenience
  • Free electrical works quotes with no hidden costs
  • Quality Assurance with Warranty

At Electrical Service Singapore, we have many years’ experience in electrical engineering, helping home owners, commercial and industrial establishments with electrical installation, repair, upgrade as well as emergency power services. We have in-house personnel and fleet to always meet all our client requirements without any inconvenience. Whether you have just a small electrical hitch in your home or a large sized industrial electrical project, our company guarantees top notch workmanship that also comes with a warranty.

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We will effectively resolve all your electrical issues within the shortest time and, at fair rates for your budget. Get in touch with us today for professional, reliable and affordable electrical engineering service Singapore.

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