Busbar System Installation

For many years, conventional cabling has been the standard system for distributing electricity across many living and work spaces. However, conventional cabling has often been linked to a series of vulnerabilities that include high risk of accidents, cabling damage and huge installation costs. The ideal replacement that most homeowners and businesses are considering today is a busbar system. Unlike traditional cables, the busbar system uses aluminium and copper busbar with effective enclosures to safely and efficiently distribute electricity to different sections of a property.

Benefits of Busbar System

Busbar systems are fast becoming an irreplaceable electrical component that every residential, commercial and industrial establishment should have. In case you are wondering how the system can be of use in your home or business, check out the benefits of a busbar discussed below.

Compact design

Busbar systems are accorded a compact design that ensures the proper alignment of compressed flat conductors in the enclosure. The compact design also means they take up very little space than conventional cabling. This is important in situations that require the transmission of huge amounts of electricity like plant manufacturing. The compact busbar design also makes them highly durable and long lasting. Due to the compact enclosure, even rodents cannot easily penetrate the system to interfere with the components therein.

Better safety

There are various elements of safety in a busbar system. Foremost, the fact that the aluminium and copper busbar is housed in enclosures not only protects the systems from damage but, also the people using the property from accidents. Besides, the system has a well defined casing with outstanding heat absorption qualities to maintain optimum performance while also preventing accidents.

Busbars also have rigid designs that provide better resistance than traditional cables. The distance between the busbar and the conductors is reduced, thereby reducing the induction of resistance. Their thin and flat tires also help with the optimal distribution of electric current density, lowering resistance. Busbar systems also have fully certified standard cells that help with eliminating chances of human error, making them safe and efficient.

Cost savings

While some may argue that installing a busbar system will impact an increase in electricity bills, the system offers more long term cost savings than conventional cabling. Installing busbar system is simple, fast and cheaper than traditional cables. With a busbar system, you will need less circuit breakers, switchboards, cable trays and cabling accessories, contributing to lower installation and maintenance costs. The simplified design of a busbar system also ensures little project development time, resulting into lower costs.


Busbar systems are highly versatile when it comes to their applications. Foremost, the systems can be installed on structures with unique configurations. A busbar system is scalable and, can be easily modified to suit present and future electrical distribution needs. This means that even if you decide to add or remove certain appliances from the grid, it can still provide optimal performance.

Besides, the system can also be easily relocated to a different property or section of the same building without any significant complications or financial implications. Owing to the compact design and steel casing of busbar systems, they do not create electromagnetic interference, which allows you to install them just anywhere on the building.

Professional Busbar System Installation Singapore

Based on the benefits of busbar systems discussed above, it goes without saying that they are essential to the efficient and safe distribution of electricity across your home, commercial and industrial spaces. At Electrical Service Singapore, we are the professionals in busbar system installation that you should involve to work on your project.

We specialize in tailor made busbar system installation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial developments in Singapore. Our company has trained and experienced busbar system specialists to assist you with choosing the most suitable system for your specific electrical distribution needs, preferences and budget. However, we will first conduct a proper structural analysis of your building to determine precise installation approaches.

Transparency and reliability are critical aspects of our service that you are guaranteed in every project. Before the installation, we will provide an accurate quotation that clearly outlines all the procedures that will be performed and the related costs. We always handle all projects independently, making sure that the busbar system is correctly installed at your convenience.

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