Power Socket and Electrical Power Point Installation

There are various electrical ways for accessing electricity from the outlet or grid but, power sockets are usually the most suitable electrical components for that function. Power socket and electrical power point act as bridges between your electrical appliances and the electric grid. Since you will need to power different electrical fixtures and appliances at home, in your office or business establishment, it is recommended to install at least one power socket and electrical power point in every room.

Having power sockets and electrical power points strategically positioned at different sections of your living and work spaces will offer greater convenience and safety in using electricity. Even if some of the rooms are currently vacant, installing the systems will give their future users an easier time in powering their electrical appliances and fixtures. At Electrical Service Singapore, we specialize in the best power socket and electrical power point installation service for homes and businesses.

Professional Power Socket and Electrical Power Point Installation Service

As professionals in general electrical services, we believe that even though our electricians can perform all the installation procedures on your behalf, it is critical to also be enlightened on the process. We do not only deal in the installation of new power sockets and electrical power points but, troubleshooting existing ones too. There are some power socket installation faults that we can easily fix without necessarily putting a new one.

In case you had previously installed power sockets and electrical power points but, suddenly start experiencing problems, we will first troubleshoot them to determine if the issues can be resolved without new installation. This is important because sometimes, the problem is experienced on a totally different component like the wires such that the mere installation of a power socket may not fix it. Some of the common causes of power socket and power point problems include loose or broken wires, faulty circuit breaker and ground faults.

Depending on the installation issues experienced on your power sockets and electrical outlets and, your expectations, we can either fix them or recommend new components. Similar to other electrical systems, power sockets and electrical power points also come in different types to choose from. Therefore, it is also essential that you are enlightened on a few varieties in the market for informed decision making.

Custom installation of various types of power outlets

In Singapore, most people are only familiar with about two kinds of electric power points. However, there are several other types that you can also install on your living and work spaces. The following are the common types of electrical power outlets that we install in homes, offices and businesses.

  • Type G – This power outlet is UK standard but, compatible with those made in Singapore. The 230 V power plug is designed with a grounded profile and 3 pins.
  • Type C – This 2 pins plug is recommended for electrical current of 2.5A. Since it is not grounded, caution is advised when using it.
  • Type A – This is the most common power outlet used in the U.S, Mexico, Canada and Japan. The 100 – 127V plug is not grounded and has 2 pins.
  • Type B – Also common in most countries across the world, Type B power outlet has 3 pins and can support electrical current of 15A.

Apart from the above power plugs, you may also want to consider the Type D, Type E and Type I. Regardless of the power plugs that you have or intend to use; we can install the best power sockets and electrical power points that are compatible with them. Besides, our electricians will assist you in choosing the right power outlets that truly meet your expectations.

Whenever you hire our company for power socket and electrical power point installation, we will first inspect the spaces to determine the most suitable outlets and installation approaches. After discussing with you about the most appropriate solutions for your project, we will prepare an accurate quotation that covers all the procedures to be performed. All these are done at the convenience of every client.

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