Badminton Court Lighting

Badminton is one of the often underrated but, great sporting activities with numerous health and wellness benefits. Although a lot still needs to be investigated about the precise benefits of the sport, badminton is known to help with weight loss, muscle toning, maintaining body physique, increasing concentration and lowering the risks of lifestyle diseases like diabetes. Playing badminton on a professional level can also be a rewarding career.

Whether you occasionally play badminton for fun, to exercise or want to develop professional skills, the process must start with creating a safe and efficient badminton court. Lighting is one of the most crucial elements in developing an ideal badminton court. Proper badminton court lighting will not only improve visibility and safety for the players but, also provide an ample platform for extensive training to ensure optimum performance.

Installing proper lighting systems and fixtures onto your badminton court could also be a smart move towards encouraging participation in the sport. Besides, lighting can also go a long way in transforming the overall appeal of the court, making it more attractive to play on. But, these benefits can only be attained through professional badminton court lighting installation service that you can now easily get at Electrical Service Singapore.

Professional Badminton Lighting Solutions

To us, badminton court lighting is not just about installing light systems and fixtures to illuminate the play areas. Instead, we focus on comprehensive badminton court lighting solutions that also require choosing the best quality and unique badminton court lighting systems and fixtures for every court. We have a team of experienced sports court lighting consultants to assist you with choosing the most suitable lighting systems and fixtures as well as installation approaches that suit your badminton court, training needs and budget.

High quality badminton court lighting systems and fixtures

Unlike other sports courts, badminton courts are usually very restrictive when it comes to lighting. The court has strict lighting requirements that must be observed to ensure proper illumination and harmony on the pitch. The row of lights has been the main lighting fixtures for most badminton courts, which is mounted or suspended from above the court on both sides. However, these are only recommended for badminton courts measuring 3 to 6 meters.

The row of lights have been quite popular in the past but, are slowly being replaced by a new lighting approach that most athletes now say is highly efficient and provides the best badminton court illumination. Besides, many badminton courts today measure 6 meters and above in height, which cannot be properly lit with row of lights. Modern badminton court LED lighting is the best replacement recommended by professional athletes.

Electrodeless LED lamps are the new lighting fixtures for badminton courts that provide long term optimum illumination, greater performance and efficiency. The fact that the lamps have no limited number of electrodes and filaments ensure soft, steady and adequate light that uniformly illuminates the entire court. Besides, the lamps are highly durable and resilient, designed to withstand long hours of operations without risks of overheating.

Quality badminton court electrodeless LED lamps have a longer lifespan that can extend up to 5 years under normal conditions. Besides, they also have minimal light decline, which could significantly reduce your court maintenance costs. Perhaps, the most interesting feature of electrodeless LED lamps is their outstanding energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. These lighting fixtures guarantee the best badminton court illumination and cost reductions.

Custom badminton court lighting installation

The number of electrodeless LED lamps to install on your badminton court will depend on the size and orientation of the play areas, specific requirements of the players as well as your budget. To ascertain all these aspects, we usually begin our procedures with a preliminary court inspection. Our consultants will visit the court to perform inspections and discuss your options, making sure that you eventually get tailor made badminton court lighting solutions.

While we recommend installing electrodeless LED lamps for badminton court lighting, we can also install row of lights on your court. Nevertheless, we guarantee professional workmanship and competitive rates with a service warranty.

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