Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

Commercial and industrial establishments are among the largest consumers of electricity. While many companies are now diversifying onto other sources of energy, electricity has been and still remains the primary source of power for most commercial and industrial enterprises around the world. To facilitate the effective and safe use of electricity in your business or industrial establishment over time, there are various kinds of electrical systems and fixtures that you are required to install.

Generally, the electrical needs for commercial and industrial establishments usually vary from one to another. However, there are basic electrical installations that must be put in place to ensure better performance and productivity as well as safety and security in commercial and industrial environments. Among those installations are also systems and fixtures for improving security and efficiency in operations. The list also includes intuitive electrical systems for monitoring and surveillance in diverse work environments.

Our commercial and industrial electrical services

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

In a business or industrial environment where there is usually a lot of activity, so many electrical faults can occur. And, fire is one of the greatest risks that results into smoke and carbon monoxide. These substances are quite harmful and can even cause death without the appropriate interventions. To keep your environment and workers safe from such hazards, we provide smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation.

Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust fans are becoming very popular today and, that is mainly because of their essential roles in ensuring added comfort and electrical safety in commercial and industrial buildings. Exhaust fans will facilitate the fast elimination of smoke, dust and odours while also maintaining better overall indoor air quality. Our company can provide reliable professional exhaust fan installation for every section of your building.

Kitchen Ventilation Exhaust System

The kitchen is one of the areas that require the highest standards of hygiene and safety. However, it is also prone to a series of risks including water, moisture and fire that could result in accidents, infections, discomfort and structural damage. Our professional kitchen ventilllation exhaust system installation service will enable you to easily improve hygiene and, also keep out many safety hazards including odours and smoke.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are intelligent lighting and security technologies recommended for every business in this age. They are designed with highly intuitive operational and control features that enable you to customize the systems and applications to your specific security needs. Besides, there are various quality models to choose from. In case you are planning to adopt this next-gen technology, contact us for professional motion sensor installation.

Data and LAN Cable

In the present times, internet connectivity is a basic requirement for every commercial establishment that wishes to compete on the world stage. As a result, it can be quite frustrating to experience constant disconnections and other web-connectivity issues after investing so much on the systems. One of the reasons for such experiences is poor installations, which you can now easily avoid with our custom data and LAN cable installation service.

CCTV and IP Camera

Whether you run just a small store or franchise with several branches, keeping up with all the activities going on in every section of the premises is a challenge that you will face from time to time. As a result, you need a reliable and efficient surveillance and monitoring system to record and provide you with real time information about every activity across the buildings. We can help you realize that dream in every part of your business with professional CCTV and IP camera system installation.

Intercom System

As technology continues to advance, the commercial and industrial environment is also rapidly changing. And, communication is one of the key areas where these transformations are taking shape. The modern intercom systems enable businesses to now ensure effective, convenient and secure real time engagements with other businesses and clients across the world. You too can easily give your business this upgrade whenever you hire our audio and audiovisual system installation Singapore.

Auto Gate and Auto Barrier

Even with gatekeepers, many businesses still find it hard to control the traffic in and out of their premises. Besides the huge costs of hiring many security guards or gatekeepers, quite a number are also not trusted and could still facilitate burglary and other losses. With our auto gate and auto barrier installation service, you will be able to easily automate all the entry and exit points as well as regulate movements on your property. This will ensure efficient traffic control and improved security both in and outside the property at a fraction of the costs.

LV Switch Room

A LV switch room is a critical electrical requirement for every commercial and industrial establishment, especially those that use huge volumes of electricity. However, you must get approval for the facility from relevant authorities and your local electricity distributor. Nevertheless, the room serves as a substation that houses critical electrical systems including transformers, switchgear, control and protective features. Contact us today for professional LV switch room and power system installation.

Busbar System

Due to the constant heavy traffic and activities experienced in commercial and industrial environments, standard cabling is usually very risky since it leaves a lot of electrical wires and accessories exposed. Busbar systems are the best replacements that offer intuitive wiring solutions with modular approaches to install on your premises. And, we can also provide the best busbar system installation tailored to your building’s unique electrical wiring needs.

Order Professional Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services Singapore

Compared to living spaces, work spaces like commercial and industrial environments are often exposed to a series of electrical and other hazards that can be hardly avoided without the right systems. At Electrical Service Singapore, we clearly understand the unique expectations of clients when it comes to commercial and industrial electrical services.

Our company emphasizes comprehensive and custom commercial and industrial electrical services that enable you to improve the working conditions, cut costs and streamline operations for increased productivity and profitability. Get in touch with us today for a no obligation commercial and industrial electrical services quote.

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