Tennis Court Lighting Installation

Tennis is one of the popular sports in Singapore today and tennis courts are found in a number of residential units, schools, recreational centres and businesses across the city. But, a few years back, most people only came out to play tennis during summer. The evolution of tennis court lighting solutions is among the key reasons that have now made it possible for different people to play tennis at their convenience.

Whether your tennis court is for regular practice or occasional tennis competitions, lighting the court is one of the best ways to making it safer and efficient for use. Whenever your tennis court is well lit, athletes will have an ample time to increase practice and performance. With the lights, athletes can play even late into the night in total safety. Besides, tennis court lighting could also make significant improvements to the condition and appeal of the court. 

Installing lights on your tennis court could also have a significant positive impact on the morale of athletes. It not only shows support for the sport but, also to the athletes, thereby encouraging them to aim higher and achieve more. However, these are only possible with professional tennis court lighting solutions. At Electrical Service Singapore, we specialize in custom tennis court lighting installation services for homes, schools, businesses, community centres and sports teams.

Professional Tennis Court Lighting Installation

Due to the advancements in technology, tennis court lighting has steadily evolved to become an essential part of the sport. In recognition of the numerous benefits of lighting, every athlete now believes it is integral to light up their tennis courts. And, our professional tennis court lighting service enables you to effortlessly light up the court to your specific gaming needs.

High quality tennis court LED lighting

While there are other lighting alternatives for lighting yup tennis courts, we install LED lighting. Unlike other forms of lighting, LED lights last much longer and have extended operating hours that will significantly reduce your operating and maintenance costs. In fact, LED lights are proven energy efficient to enable you cut down electricity bills. Tennis court LED lighting is undoubtedly the best option that will ensure a well lit platform while also maintain your a budget at a minimum over time.

Another benefit of our quality LED tennis court lighting is that the lights are available in diverse wavelengths including ultraviolet and infrared. Besides, you can also easily adjust the intensity and colour of the lights to complement your training needs. LED lighting is also eco-friendly without any harmful substances or other risks to the athletes and the environment. The lighting systems also have spill light control, which enables you to limit the amount of light that penetrates outside the court.

Apart from the spill lights control, you can also opt to automate your tennis court lighting system during installation to switch on and off at set times. To bring out a sense of beauty and style, you can also program the lights to shift colours and intensity at pre-determined intervals. Our technicians will help you in choosing the best LED lighting systems and fixtures for your tennis court, gaming needs and budget then, also install them appropriately.

Custom tennis court lighting installation

Before we install the LED lights on your tennis court, we will first conduct an assessment of the entire ground. We always recommend the preliminary assessment because every tennis court is different and requires unique lighting approaches. Based on the orientation of the court, your training needs and budget, our consultants will discuss the most suitable LED lighting systems and fixtures.

At Electrical Service Singapore, we emphasize the long term satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, we want to make sure that you always get the best tennis court LED lighting systems and fixtures as well as custom installation services that will encourage optimum performance while also reducing maintenance costs. Our company also offers professional electrical repair and replacement that gives you cover in case of any issues with the lighting.

Hire Tennis Court Lighting Installation Singapore

We hold the best interests of all our clients at heart and that is why we provide quality and affordable services with a guarantee. Get in touch with us for professional tennis court lighting installation Singapore.

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