Security Lighting Installation

There is just something about light that makes us feel safe even in the weirdest places. In fact, it is a common belief among humans that light can deter many bad things from happening. Light scares away animals and can also make burglars to ffeel scared of breaking into your property. Besides, installing lights will also illuminate the dark areas in your home or on a business property, reducing chances of accidents and other safety risks.

Installing security lights inside and on the external parts of your property can also help with surveillance. Whenever the areas are well lit, it can be much easier to spot any irregular activities going on therein for appropriate and immediate intervention. This means you can also easily identify signs of structural damage and have them fixed on time, thereby preventing huge home repair and maintenance costs.

Security lighting is purposely to help improve the security both inside and around your property. Installing security lights will offer you all the benefits discussed above while also adding to the overall aesthetics of your property. However, it is quite sad that in the past, only businesses have been keen on installing security lighting. At Electrical Service Singapore, we provide custom security lighting installation for homes and businesses in Singapore.

Professional Security Lighting Installation Service

While you may still need additional security systems and measures in place, there is no doubt that installing security lighting on your property can go a long way in making it secure and safe.  Our goal at Electrical Service Singapore is to deliver tailor made security lighting installation solutions that will enable you to effortlessly improve the security in your home and business while also making it more appealing.

We believe it is the right of every client to know what they are investing on beforehand. And, that is why we always uphold high standards of transparency in every service. We understand home owners and businesses have unique needs when it comes to security lighting installation. As such, we focus on professional yet, personalized security lighting solutions for every space and budget.

All-inclusive security lighting solutions

Generally, there are various kinds of security lighting systems and fixtures that you can choose to install in your home and business. But, not all can meet your specific home or business security lighting needs. Whether you are planning to install security lighting on a new or renovated property, we can help you choose the best quality systems that will adequately illuminate all the intended areas.

After a proper inspection of the property, our security lighting consultants will discuss with you the most suitable alternatives. Regardless of your security lighting needs, amount of space to be covered or budget, we always recommend and install highly durable and efficient security lighting that will truly meet all your needs over time. The main types of security lighting systems that we install include.

Perimeter lighting is equipped with motion sensors that can detect movements on the property and raise alarm for immediate response in case of a break-in. The above security lighting systems are proven for outstanding performance in both residential and business establishments. However, we can also install additional specific lamp types like flood lights, especially in larger areas that require a lot of lighting.

Custom security lighting installation

Contrary to the common belief that security lighting is one for external spaces, we also install security lights in interior spaces like walkways, underground and roof top parking, enclosed entry and exit areas. We have the expertise and precise tools to ensure correct, safe and fast installation of security lighting on every section of your property. Based on the orientation of the space, your security lighting needs and the systems to be installed, we guarantee a tailor-made service for outstanding results.

During the preliminary inspection, our consultants can also assist you in identifying the blind spots to ensure that your home or business is properly lit.  Besides, you can also choose how the lighting systems and fixtures are positioned on different sections of your home and business for optimum performance.

Hire Security Lighting Installation Singapore

Whether you want to install security lighting in your home or business, our company is the right partner to hire. Talk to us today for tailor made security lighting installation solutions Singapore.

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