Things to Consider Before Getting a Ceiling Fan Installation Done

In cities like Singapore that experience warm climates often, cooling devices are an essential part of every building. And, ceiling fans are among some of the best cooling appliances that you should install in your home and business premises to ensure proper comfort. While most people only think of installing ceiling fans during summer, these devices are important for keeping your living and work spaces cool all year round.

Today, there are several types and models of ceiling fans that you can choose to install in your home or commercial establishment for enhanced comfort. Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans are more cost effective and easier to install with greater long term benefits. Apart from just cooling your spaces, ceiling fans can also add a touch of style into the decor, thereby improving the overall appeal of the rooms.

The following are some of the things that you should consider before installing a ceiling fan in your home.

Size of the space and ceiling fan

The space where the ceiling fan will be installed is one of the key elements to consider before installation. This is because; you need a ceiling fan that will adequately cover the entire space where it is installed.  Ceiling fans come in numerous sizes too for different spaces that you should carefully look into before installation. Apart from just the size of the space, it is also important to consider any other appliances installed on the ceiling. There are mini fans for small rooms and limited spaces, medium-sized ceiling fans and larger ceilings fans for expansive indoor spaces.

Cost of installing a ceiling fan

Before getting the ceiling fan installation done, you should also keenly look into the related costs of the entire project. While installing a ceiling fan might seem like a simple DIY task, there is a lot more that you may not know. As a result, it is always advisable to hire a licensed electrician for the project. Electrical Service Singapore is one of the most reliable electricians in Singapore that can deliver an accurate quotation for ceiling fan installation and, also go ahead to set up the appliance in your home or business.

Generally, the cost of ceiling fan installation varies based on the number of fans to be installed, orientations of the spaces and user preferences. Nevertheless, a good electrician will offer you a custom quotation tailored to your needs. Sometimes, fixing old ceiling fans could be a more cost-effective alternative than buying new ceiling fans to install in your home. In case you have some old ceiling fans in the store, you may want to also check whether fixing them could be more convenient than installing new ones.


Ceiling fans are primarily for cooling spaces but, they are swiftly making a comeback as unique decorative pieces for both living and work environments. Ceiling fans exhibit a rich industrial/ contemporary decor with a modern feel that can easily set your spaces apart. Therefore, it is also advisable to consider the overall decor of your spaces before installing a ceiling fan. You can install fans with complementing colours to the ceiling. Newer models of ceiling fans are offered in intricate designs with sleek finishes including wood, chrome, bronze that you can easily choose based on the looks and feel of your spaces. On the other hand, the fans can also be installed in unique ways and angles to create the desired effects on the decor.

Although most people usually install ceiling fans only indoors, these cooling devices can also offer several benefits in outdoor settings like patio or garden. Due to the constantly warm climates in Singapore, even your outdoor spaces require ceiling fans to keep them comfortable. There are powerful and efficient ceiling fans that you can install to effectively keep your outdoor spaces relaxing and looking good all year round.

Hire a Licensed Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore

In case you are planning to install a ceiling fan in your home, office or commercial establishment, talk to Electrical Service Singapore for custom solutions. We specialize in professional ceiling fan repair and installation service. Even if you need emergency electrician services, our company can always deliver the best at your own convenience.

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