Common Light Installation Problems in Singapore

Lights play an essential role in illuminating your living and work spaces. Besides, proper lighting can also improve safety and security as well as the aesthetics of your home. However, the performance and efficiency of lights over time greatly depends on how they are installed and used. Whether you are setting up new lights or installing refurbished lighting fixtures, a lot of attention should go into the installation to make sure that they effectively serve the intended purposes.

If the installation is wrong, you can expect recurring issues with your home’s lighting systems, costing a lot of money in the long term. Hiring professional light installation services is the best alternative to making sure that the project is a success. However, it is still important that you are enlightened on some of the common light installation problems. Knowing these problems will enable to easily troubleshoot some lighting issues without the help of an electrician.

Various issues that you can experience during the installation of lights and light fixtures

Faulty wiring

Lighting components and accessories comprise of a series of wires enclosed in the bulb holders, fluorescent tube casings and other parts. Most of these wires are very tiny and delicate such that mishandling the lights could easily damage them. Even if the lights that you intend to install are new, be careful when removing them from their packaging not to cause any damage to the wiring.

A lot of caution is also advised during the installation to make sure that the wires remain intact. Before the light fixtures are installed, you should also carefully check the wiring just to be sure that everything is in place. Faulty wiring in your lights could not only damage the fixtures but, also affect other electrical appliances connected to them. Wires can get frayed, bent, broken, burnt or detached from their terminals, hindering them from passing current.

Flickering and dim lights

It can be so annoying to spend a lot of time and effort setting up lights only for them to start flickering as soon as you flip the switch on. However, this is a common issue that many home owners experience from time to time. Some of the reasons why lights can start to flicker or dim after installation include poor wiring and faulty switch. Sometimes, it could also be the bulbs that are damaged.

In case your lights are flickering or getting dim, you should immediately troubleshoot them to determine the actual causes and the light fixtures that are affected for proper repair or replacement. For convenience, simply contact a professional electrician for lighting electrical service Singapore.

Light bulbs burning out faster

Newer models of light bulbs are quite long lasting and can serve your living and work spaces for many years without repair or replacement. As such, if your light bulbs keep burning out often, there is a serious lighting problem that should be carefully looked into. One of the reasons why your light bulbs can burn out faster is if they have a higher wattage than your home’s electrical system can handle. Other reasons include low quality bulbs, problems with the switch, power interruptions, loose connections and other wiring issues.

Considering the many potential causes of frequent light bulbs burn out, troubleshooting them can be challenging to a majority of home owners. To avoid any risks, simply let a licensed electrician take a look at the lights. After a proper assessment of the lighting systems and the light bulbs, a professional electrician will recommend and perform the most suitable repairs so you do not experience such issues anymore.

Light switch malfunction

Lights and lighting fixtures are controlled by switches that should also be in proper condition to ensure that your spaces are well lit. Even if you correctly install the best quality lights but, the switch is faulty, they will not work. Light switches can malfunction because of a number of reasons including, loose and damaged wires, overheating as well as wear and tear. In case you are having a problem with light switches, it is advisable to contact an electrician to troubleshoot and repair or replace them.

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