Different Kinds of Electrical Outlets around the World

In order to power the electrical appliances and devices in your home, office or business, you need efficient electrical outlets. To facilitate that need, there are various types of electrical outlets or sockets in the market that you can choose to install in your living and work spaces. While the Singapore market has a huge selection of electrical outlets, there are some models whose standards do not meet the local civic rules and only found outside Singapore.

Some of the different kinds of electrical outlets recommended for residential, commercial and industrial establishments around the world

Type G Sockets

Perhaps, this is the most popular type of electrical outlet in Singapore. However, it is also used in the UK, Malaysia, Malta and Ireland. Designed in the United Kingdom, type G sockets are grounded and have 3 pins with a capacity of 13A. The socket, which only works with Type G plug, has a standard voltage of 220 to 240 V.

Type C Sockets

Type C sockets are common in Europe, Asia and South America. Unlike the Type G, this socket is not grounded and designed with 2 pins. The 2.5A sockets can only be used with Type C plugs. Their standard voltage capacity is 220 to 240 V.

Type A Sockets

Type A sockets are mainly used in Canada, the United States of America, Japan and Mexico. These electrical outlets have 2 pins and are not grounded. With a rating of 15 A, Type A sockets can only handle electricity in the range of 100 to 127 V. Besides, they can only work with a similar type of plug.

Type D Sockets

This type of socket is mainly used in India but can also be found in other parts of the world. Type D sockets are grounded and accorded 3 pins. These 5 A electrical power outlets can accommodate 220 – 240 V. While they are mainly recommended for use with Type D plugs, these sockets are also partially compatible with Type C, E and F plugs.

Type B Sockets

Similar to the Type A socket, Type B sockets are also very popular in Canada, USA, Japan and Mexico. The grounded sockets are designed with 3 pins compatible with Type B and A plugs. Type B sockets can handle electric current of up to 15 A, which is equivalent to about 100 to 127 Voltages.

Type E Sockets

Type E sockets are a common sight in Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The sockets are grounded and have two pins that make them safe for use only with type E, C and F plugs. These 16 A sockets are designed with a standard voltage capacity of 220 – 240 V.

Type F Sockets

Type F sockets are popular in almost every European country and Russia, excluding Ireland and the UK. Similar to most socket types, type F sockets have 2 pins and are grounded. They can support electric current of 16 A as well as a voltage capacity of 220 – 240 V. Type F sockets are compatible with similar types of  plugs and types C and E plugs.

Type I Sockets

These are mainly common in New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and China. The sockets have optional 2 or 3 pins. The sockets with 2 pins are not grounded while those with 3 pins are grounded. Despite the number of pins, all type I sockets are rated 10 A with a standard voltage capacity of 220 to 240 V. The sockets are only compatible with type I plugs.

Type L sockets

Type L sockets are almost exclusive to Chile and Italy but, also slowly making their way into other parts of the world. The sockets are grounded and have 3 pins. Type L sockets are rated 10 A and 16 A that you can choose based on your needs. They have a standard voltage capacity of 220 – 240 V. The 10 A sockets are compatible with type C and L plugs while the 16 A sockets are only limited to type L plugs.

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are more kinds of electrical outlets across the world including type J, K, M, N, O and P sockets. At Electrical Service Singapore, we are the electrical engineering experts that you should engage for help with choosing the best electrical outlets for your home and business. We offer professional electrical installation and emergency electrician services Singapore.

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