Common Electrical Installation Problems in Singapore

Electricity is an essential source of power in every household and business in Singapore. Electricity runs a wide range of appliances and devices necessary for daily living and work. To ensure that you can efficiently and safely use the electricity, there are various electrical systems and equipment that must be installed on the building. That is why proper thought should always be given to electrical installation.

Some of the most common electrical installations found in residential, commercial and industrial establishments in Singapore include circuit breakers, ceiling fans, lighting, switches, electrical wiring, distribution board box, exhaust fans, smoke and CO detectors, CCTV among others. These systems serve different purposes to enhance comfort, security, safety and convenience in both living and work spaces.

Generally, there are a number of problems that can be experienced with electrical installations at home as well as in businesses.

Common electrical installation problems in Singapore and how to solve them.

Recurring electrical surges

Power surges are quite popular in Singapore and, mainly caused by damage to power lines, malfunction of electrical appliances, lightning strikes and poor wiring. In normal situations, power surges often last just a few seconds. However, if it occurs repeatedly, power surges could damage your electrical devices, resulting in costly repair and replacement. In case you frequently experience power surges, the first step is to troubleshoot the electrical devices connected to the grid like circuit breaker.

Sometimes, the problem could also be external, which means only your electricity provider can handle it. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to engage a professional electrician whenever you are experiencing recurring power surges.

Electric shocks

Although most people consider electric shocks to be mild without any serious impacts, they can be very dangerous in some cases. Electric shock produces twitching sounds and a static live current that can cause injuries if it comes into contact with the body. Electric shock can also occur when live wires come in contact with water or moisture. The problem is often caused by wiring problems or loose wires coming into contact with each other.

Electric shocks can also result from issues with the electrical appliance. In severe cases whereby a lot of current is produced, electric shocks can lead to electrocution or death. One way to avoid electric shocks is by properly insulating all wires. You should also observe safety precautions when installing and using electrical appliances. Owing to the dangers associated with electric shock, you need a licensed electrician to properly diagnose and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Abnormally high electricity bills

This is one of the main reasons why some people ignore installing certain electrical systems in their homes and businesses. In case you are experiencing a sudden abnormal increase in your electricity bills, one of the reasons could be that you are using too many or high voltage devices. It could also be a result of some very serious faults with the electrical appliances. Sometimes, the wiring systems could be worn out, causing a lot of power wastage.

Some of the DIY resolutions for cutting electricity bills include installing energy efficient systems, replacing damaged wiring, unplugging devices that are not in use, inspecting and fixing all faulty electrical equipment. If the problem persists, you should engage a professional electrician to assess your electrical installations.

Lighting issues

There are many kinds of lighting problems experienced across several homes and businesses in Singapore. The most common lighting issues include flickering lights, light bulbs burning out too soon, excessively bright or dim lights and recessed lights going on and off. These problems are usually caused by improper wiring connections, frequent circuit breaker trips, circuit overloads, poor quality light fixtures, ageing lights and power surges.

In case of ageing, poor quality or damaged light fixtures, the best solution is always repair or replacement. However, all these issues should be properly diagnosed and fixed by an experienced electrician as soon as they are noticed to ensure your safety, comfort and security.

Get Professional Electrical Installation Singapore

The best way to avoid all the above and more electrical installation problems is by hiring a licensed electrician to install, repair, upgrade and replace all your electrical systems and appliances. At Electrical Service Singapore, we are the go-to experts in electrical installation Singapore that guarantee reliable and affordable services.


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