Effects of Power Failures in Singapore

In this age where technology has taken over most of our day-to-day activities, consistent supply of electricity is critical for every home, commercial and industrial establishment. While there are other alternative sources of energy also used in many living and work spaces in Singapore, electricity is the primary power source for a majority of the population. Electric power is used to run a wide range of systems and equipment including lighting, ceiling fans, refrigerators, entertainment devices, cooking appliances, computers, heavy industrial machines, and communication and security devices among others.

Power failure or outage refers to a short or long term loss of electricity in a particular area. It can affect a specific building, multiple properties in a given area or even an entire city. The various types of power failures include brownout, permanent electrical systems malfunction and blackout. Similar to other places around the world, power failures are a common occurrence in Singapore with a series of unpleasant impacts on residential, commercial and industrial establishments.

Some of the key effects of power outages in Singapore.

Effects of Power Outages in Homes

There are very many things that can go wrong at home whenever you experience power failures. One of the impacts of power outage is that your lights will go off, creating a lot of safety and security risks. Without proper lighting around the home, it is easy to get involved in accidents and sustain injuries. Besides, the lack of sufficient lighting could also make your home to look neglected, thereby attracting burglars and thieves.

Power failures can also cause discomfort in homes, especially if your ceiling fans and lighting only run on electricity. Power outages that happen in the middle of tasks like ironing or doing laundry are undoubtedly annoying and inconveniencing. On the other hand, losing power for a long time can also contribute food spoilage and wastage since the refrigerator will also remain shut for a while.

Constant power failures can also impact damage and other complications on your electrical appliances.

Effects of Power Failures on Businesses

Since many businesses today rely on electricity to run their daily operations, power failures could have several negative impacts on the establishments. The following are some of the main effects of power outages on businesses in Singapore.

Increased downtime

As they say, time is money and every business has an integral role in making sure that none is wasted. Considering that electricity is used to power most of the appliances and systems used in business environments like computers and machines, power failure will stall all the processes that are dependent on these appliances. This can severely affect productivity if the outage continues for a long time.

Loss of revenue

The fact that power failures can impact lower productivity also means reduced revenues for the company. Frequent power outages hinder workers from meeting their daily set targets, which will make it very hard for the business to realize its objectives in terms of revenues. Besides, power failure can also interrupt crucial business operations like online sales and marketing by creating challenges in accessing the company sites and interacting with customers as required.  If the power is lost for several hours or days, the business could lose a significant amount of revenue.

Damage to assets

Frequent power failures often cause electrical surges that can significantly harm a wide range of electrical equipment in your business. Whenever that happens, you could face costly electrical repair and replacement, which will only result in increased expenditure. Such unplanned expenses are a significant setback that you do not wish for your business.

Security threats

Losing power frequently on your business premises can also impact serious security risks. During power failures, your electrical surveillance and security devices like CCTV and IP camera systems, perimeter lighting, motion sensors and auto barriers will shut down. As a result, it will be quite hard to monitor activities going on around the business. Besides, the lack of power can also create a safe environment for criminals to breach your premises and even cause harm to the people therein.

The Best Solutions to Power Failures in Singapore

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