General Electrical Safety Tips in Singapore

Despite the essence of electricity in powering the various appliances and systems required for daily living and work, it could also cause a lot of inconvenience and dangers if mishandled. In fact, electricity can impact serious safety hazards both at home and in business spaces. General electrical safety tips are aimed at reducing the chances of injuries to people handling electrical appliances and others in the building as well as protecting the tools, systems and entire building from damage.

Key electrical safety tips that you should always observe when handling any kind of electrical work.

Disconnect the power before conducting any electrical procedure

Whether you are doing electrical installation, repair, upgrade or replacement, it is always advisable to first disconnect the power for safety. Switching off the power will enable you to fully focus on the tasks at hand without worrying about the risks of electric shocks or short circuits. Disconnecting the power also ensures that your electrical appliances are not damaged by power surges that can easily occur when servicing electrical systems.

Wear protective gear and use the right tools

Generally, there are some electrical works that can be performed without necessarily wearing protective clothing. However, that is a wrong assumption that could leave you with lots of injuries. Wearing protective gear like gloves, eyewear, dust mask and apron is essential for the safety of anyone that is handling electrical works.

Depending on the particular electrical processes that you are planning to do, there are various kinds of tools that should also be made available for safety and convenience. Before starting the procedures, make sure that you know and have the right tools for every task. Examples of tools for electrical servicing include pliers, wire connectors, screwdrivers, wire cutters, voltage detectors, and electrical testers among others.

Exercise caution when handling electrical appliances

Always handle all your electrical appliances with care when connecting and disconnecting them from power outlets. Plugging your appliances forcefully into or out of power points can easily damage their components and, cause you injury. In both instances, there could still be live current present in devices that might impact short circuits and electric shocks. The general rule is to always avoid contact with live or energized circuits.

All the electrical devices should be treated as if they are live and, contact with humans and pets should be discouraged especially during servicing. You should also be careful not to overload the circuits by plugging in too many devices than recommended for your sockets. Since water is a good conductor of electricity, you should also properly cushion your electrical systems to avoid contact with water. Similarly, avoid touching electrical appliances with wet hands as it can result in electrocution.

In case you are working on an electrical appliance, try to use just one hand while keeping the other on the side or away from the materials. This is recommended to reduce the chances of accidents when servicing electrical systems.

Properly cover exposed electrical wiring

Exposed electrical wirings are a significant safety hazard that can impact electrical fires, damage to equipment and accidents. When the wires are not properly covered, they can also wear out quickly, forcing you into unnecessary expenditure. Whether the wires are installed inside or outside the building, it is always critical that all of them are properly insulated for the enhanced safety. Kids and pets should also be kept away from the wiring systems to prevent accidents and unprecedented power interruptions.

Follow the manufacturer’s safety precautions for servicing electrical appliances

Electrical appliances and systems are manufactured by diverse brands as seen in the market. Each of the products comes with unique manufacturer instructions for installation, upgrade, repair and replacement that should be observed in every procedure to ensure safety. Before you start working on any kind of electrical appliance, make sure that you carefully read and understand the user manual. Follow the given instructions while also keeping in mind the other electrical safety tips discussed above. 

Although the electrical safety tips above can help you avoid numerous risks when dealing with electricity, you should always make it a rule to engage a professional electrician whenever you are experiencing issues with electrical systems and devices. At Electrical Service Singapore, we specialize in comprehensive electrical engineering services for both homes and businesses in Singapore.

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