What to Do When You Have a Power Failure in Singapore

Power failures are not only annoying but, also come with a series of inconveniences that can sometimes make life hard at home. In businesses, the effects of power failures can be massive, especially if the situation drags on for a long time without any resolution. Apart from just impacting downtime and reduced productivity, constant power failures can significantly disrupt core business operations and overall bottom line over time.

There are many causes of power outages in Singapore. Sometimes, power failures occur as a result of planned maintenance or servicing by electricity providers. Besides, electricity disruptions can also be caused by weather, environmental issues as well as accidents. Power outages may also be a result of electrical issues on your systems and appliances.

Power failures are a serious disruption that can send your head spinning in different directions. But, it is also the time when you really need to keep your resolve and act responsibly for safety.

Guidelines on what to do when you have a power failure in Singapore.

Check if it only affects your building or others too

Before you start running up and down, look around to see whether the power failure is only on your building or affects others too. In case the outage is experienced on more than one building, there is a likelihood the problem is external. In such situations, there is usually very little you can do since the issue falls under the jurisdiction of the electricity providers.

For power failures that result from external elements like the ones above, it is advisable to notify your electricity provider as soon as it happens. However, if the power failure only affects your building, it could be problems with your electrical systems and appliances. To fix the issues, you will need a professional electrician for electrical troubleshooting on the systems. You may also try to diagnose the issues but, that could be risky without proper electrical knowledge.

Unplug your electrical appliances

Power failures usually cause surges that could easily damage your electrical appliances in case they remain plugged into power points. Normally, circuit breakers trip to shield the electrical systems and devices on the grid from the impacts of power surges. But, even circuit breakers can sometimes experience malfunction at such crucial times, putting your appliances at great risk.

The best way to stay safe from such risks is unplugging all the electrical appliances connected to the power outlets as soon as the power outage occurs. You can also simply switch off the power supply to the entire building from the mains.

Observe electrical safety precautions

The fact that there is a power outage does not make your home, office or business space completely safe from electrical hazards. In fact, it is one of those times when you should keenly observe electrical safety precautions to avoid accidents and damage to your devices. Touching electrical wiring or other electrical systems without bare hands could result in shocks and other serious injuries. Keep your electrical appliances away from moisture or water prone areas.

After unplugging your electrical appliances, you should also switch off the power outlets. In case you suspect the power outage is caused by malfunction on one or more of your electrical systems, simply call a licensed electrician to check the systems. Attempting to address electrical problems without the right skills and tools could only put your life at risk and cause further damage. In case you have kids and pets around, it is also important to keep an eye on them during power failures so they do not get into accidents or interfere with appliances.

Get an alternative power supply

In case your building has a backup generator, it will automatically kick in whenever a power outage occurs to enable you to continue using electricity. For buildings without reliable backup generators or other sources of power, there are various avenues that you can also pursue to avoid staying in the dark for long. One of the alternatives is a backup generator rental. There are also various models of powerful flashlights in the market that you can readily buy from local stores to illuminate living and work spaces during blackouts.

Power failures can no doubt cause a lot of panic, inconvenience and losses in homes as well as businesses. At Electrical Service Singapore, we are the experts that guarantee the ultimate power trip and power failure solutions Singapore.

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