How to Prevent a Power Trip

Similar to other cities around the world, almost the entire population in Singapore relies on electricity to power various appliances used in different aspects of their daily living. In businesses, electricity is a basic requirement that keeps operations moving. In the event that frequent interruptions like power trips are experienced, businesses stand to lose quite a lot in terms of productivity and revenues. Even in homes, shopping malls, hospitals and schools, frequent power trips could have dire impacts.

Considering all the above risks of power trips, it is just in order that you know how to prevent them before they occur. Knowing how to avoid power trips will not only protect your electrical appliances from damage but, also the huge costs of resolving the faults. Besides, it will also significantly reduce your overall maintenance costs in the long term.

Key guidelines on how to prevent a power trip.

Ensure proper electrical wiring installation

Poor installation of electrical appliances and systems is one of the major causes of frequent power trips. Even if it is just one cable that is not properly installed, you will sure experience a series of electrical faults. Depending on the appliances in your building, always make sure that the wiring is done correctly and, all the systems are properly concealed. At Electrical Service Singapore, we can offer you professional electrical wiring installation and upgrade to prevent recurring power trips.

Do not overload the power outlets

All electrical appliances and fixtures are clearly labelled with ratings for power consumption. Similarly, the mains also have different ratings for the maximum amount of power that they can transmit to the sockets. As such, exceeding those limits could easily impact power trips. Therefore, you should always make sure that your mains are not overloaded. Before connecting a device to the mains, make sure its power ratings are compatible with those of the outlets.

Overloads mainly occur as a result of connecting too many appliances than the outlets can handle. To avoid such issues, engage a professional electrician for help with planning the most suitable electrical system for your home, office or business.

Consider getting backup power

Sometimes, power trips occur as a result of problems at the electric transmission centres or other places that are connected to the same electric grid. In such situations, you can never be sure of when the electricity might come back. Instead of waiting for solutions that you are not even certain about, you should consider obtaining a backup power source. In case your building has a backup generator, you will be able to immediately resume operations as soon as the power trip occurs.

For buildings without backup generators, Electrical Service Singapore can provide electrical power services to enable you continue with your daily activities during power trips.

Take all the necessary precautions when using electricity

Electricity generally has a lot of risks, most of which are as a result of irresponsibility or carelessness on the part of users. Misappropriation of electrical systems and appliances can easily cause power trips and, should be avoided at all costs. Do not step in op fix electrical faults or install fixtures if you are not sure of how to go about them. Besides, you should also avoid any actions that could cause issues like short circuits.

Stay up to date on your electricity bills

Power trips also occur as a result of the failure to pay electricity bills on time. The electricity companies usually cut the power supply to buildings with huge electricity bills indefinitely. Therefore, paying your bills and resolving any issues that you may have with the electricity company on time can help prevent such occurrences.

Engage a professional electrician

As already hinted above, there are various causes of power trips in homes and businesses around Singapore. In case you notice any kind of unusual behaviour or signs on your electrical system, it is always advisable to immediately engage an expert for assistance. At Electrical Service Singapore, we are licensed electricians that specialize in a wide range of professional electrical services including power trip and power failure and emergency electrician services. We can effectively troubleshoot, repair and replace all electrical systems and appliances at your convenience.

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