What Not To Do During a Power Failure

Power outages are some of the occurrences that can really freak you out.  Although most power issues usually last just a few hours or less, others can stretch up to many days or even weeks to resolve. Nevertheless, a power failure is an experience that no one ever wishes to go through. Besides leaving you in the dark, all your electrical appliances including air conditioners, freezers, and water heaters will also come to a sudden halt, causing a lot of inconveniences.

Power failure is a common occurrence that you could experience from time to time. However, panicking and running up and down could only put you at greater risk.  As such, it is important that you are enlightened on how to stay safe during such times.

Some of the things that you should not do during a power failure.

Do not leave your devices plugged in

Whenever a power outage happens in your home, the first step is to safely unplug all the electrical devices connected to the electrical grid. This is because, there is usually lots of power surges and spikes that occur when the electricity comes back, which might cause damage to your appliances. Unplugging the devices as soon as the lights go off will save your valuable appliances but, you can also leave one light fixture on to know when the power comes back.

Do Not Touch Downed Wires

Most people often assume that once a power outage occurs, the cables and wires have no electric current and cannot cause any harm. However, that is not true; in fact, those wires still hold substantial current in them that can cause severe injuries if touched. The golden rule is to maintain at least 30 feet away from downed wires during a power outage. Downed wires on wet surfaces pose even much greater danger and, require a distance of at least 60 feet away. For safety, always stay away from downed wires during a power failure.

Do Not Open the Freezer or Refrigerator

Opening the refrigerator allows hot air from the surrounding to enter inside, causing food spoilage if there is no power to maintain a cool temperature therein. Leaving the freezer closed during a power failure can hold the cool air inside for more than three hours, thereby keeping your foods safe for longer. For the perishables that can go bad quickly, it is advisable to put them in ice. But, there are also some perishables like eggs and seafood that can easily spoil other foods and, should be kept separately.

Do Not Light Up Candles

In Singapore, it is not recommended to light up candles in your home during a power failure. The main reason for this is because; candles can be easily forgotten, thereby ending up starting fires. Today, there are several kinds of battery-powered flashlights and LED lights that can easily replace your light fixtures during power outages. These devices are available in stores around Singapore and can be easily obtained at fairly lower prices. If you must use candles, make sure you are very careful with them and, put all out before leaving the room or going to bed. Do not place candles next to curtains or other furnishings that can easily catch fire.

Do not use a generator or grill indoors

Whenever there is a power failure, generator is usually the next option that comes to mind. While that is not further from the truth, you should never use generators indoors since that could release carbon monoxide into the building. Carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous gases that can easily result in death if inhaled. Even with an efficient carbon monoxide detector, it is still not advisable to use generators or grills indoors. Every building should have a designated outdoor section for these appliances but, you may also use them in the garage if you have one. It is also important to keep basic safety precautions when using generators.

Generally, the above pointers are the main things to avoid during a power failure. To prevent further inconvenience, it is advisable to also contact a professional electrician for assistance. At Electrical Service Singapore, we specialize in comprehensive electrical engineering solutions including power failure/ outage, emergency electrician services and electrical power services Singapore.

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