Avoid These Electrical Wiring Mistakes

Proper electrical connections are essential in every building and, wires are the main components that can serve that purpose. If the electrical wiring is damaged or experiences any kind of fault, it will be very difficult to access electricity in your home, office or business. Besides, electrical wiring problems could also impact greater risks including fire and electrocution if they are not immediately resolved.

Similar to other electrical components, there are strict procedures for installing electrical wiring that must be followed to ensure that the job is done right and safely. However, most people still end up making a lot of mistakes that could significantly put you in danger and cause faults to the appliances.

Some of the most common electrical wiring mistakes to avoid.

Connecting wires outside the electric box

The primary role of electric boxes is to provide protection to electrical wiring, which means the wires should be enclosed in the box. Besides, an electric box also prevents electrical fires by making sure that the heat and sparks generated by faulty wires is contained in the casing. The wiring should always pass through the electric box and, not connected on the outside. In case you are not sure about how to connect an electric box, simply contact a licensed electrician to do the job.

Exposed or naked wiring between frames

It is a known safety precaution that all electrical wiring should always be properly insulated to cushion them from damage. Apart from just the threat of damage, unprotected wiring can also cause accidents and fires in the building. One of the ways to cover the cables that are installed behind walls or under the ceilings is by attaching small boards alongside them.

Installing wires without clamps

This is another common mistake that many people usually make when installing electrical wiring. If cables are not secured with clamps, they can easily move around and cause power interruptions. Besides, failing to use clamps could also make your electrical wiring vulnerable to damage by other components. Large electric boxes have in-built clamps for attaching the wires in place to avoid these risks.

When installing the clamp, make sure that the sheathing of the wire is secured under it. If your electric box does not have cable clamps, you can still buy them separately and do the installation.

Using wires that are too short

While some people may think that using wires that are too short is a way of saving money, it is a very costly mistake. Wires that are too short usually cause a strain on the connections that may result in short circuits. Electrical wiring should be at least three inches from the electric box. To avoid this mistake, always try to plan your wiring projects in advance and, consider buying a little more than the required quantity of wires.

Recessing electric boxes behind surfaces

For safety and convenience, electrical boxers should be installed on the surface of walls. Recessing them behind the wall can be dangerous since they can easily heat up and cause fires in the building. If your electric box has to be recessed inside a wall, make sure that there is an extension between the casing and the wall to prevent the transmission of heat. Besides, you may also want to consider connecting a ground wire to the extension.

Improper power outlets and switches support

When the power outlets and switches do not have strong support, they are likely to become loose quickly due to the constant usage. As a result, you will experience recurring wiring problems that could even end up damaging all the power outlets and switches. During the installation of power points and switches, make sure that they are tightly secured using screws and washers for better support.

Attaching hot wires to neutral wires

This is a mistake that many people hardly realize because it may not cause any interruption with the electricity and, everything will just seem normal. However, attaching a neutral wire to a hot wire can cause electrocution whenever the wires come into contact with the body. In case you are not familiar with electrical wiring installation, simply let an electrician to handle the project.

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