When to Call Electrical Contractors for Troubleshooting Services

Apart from the usual notices given by electricity companies about planned power outages, most electrical faults occur without any warning. Besides, you never know the particular kind of electrical problems that you can experience. Among the various forms of common electrical hitches experienced in residential, commercial and industrial establishments, there are those that you can handle on your own and others that require an expert.

To ensure that you are not badly affected during electrical problems, it is important to know some of the issues that require the intervention of electrical contractors. Before looking into some of those issues, you should also know how to choose a good electrical contractor for troubleshooting services. The best electrical contractors to hire should be licensed, experienced, reliable and affordable.

It is recommended to immediately call electrical contractors whenever you are experiencing any of the following electrical problems.

Frequent circuit breaker trips

This is a common issue in most homes and businesses in Singapore, which mainly results from poor or faulty electrical wiring. If your circuit breaker often trips each time after it is reset, the problem could be with the wires therein or another high-wattage electrical device connected to it. Regardless of the potential cause, recurring breaker trips suggest a serious problem that should be properly diagnosed by a professional electrician as soon as possible. Contacting a licensed electrician to properly troubleshoot the circuit breaker could help you to avoid huge repairs and replacement costs.

Noisy circuit breakers

Circuit breakers play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient the distribution of electricity that can be quickly interrupted whenever the appliances develop any problem. While some circuit breakers are generally noisy, you should be alarmed whenever the one in your home starts to produce an unfamiliar buzzing or humming sound. The noise could point to structural hitches or more entrenched mechanical issues with the breaker, which only an experienced electrical contractor can effectively diagnose.

Faulty or broken power outlets

Most electrical systems used as power outlets like plugs and sockets are often made of plastic materials and installed on open spaces. As such, they are susceptible to various forms of damage during use as well as whenever they are idle. Some of the common signs of faulty power outlets include spark sounds when switched on, cracks on the plugs and flickering lights on the sockets. Sometimes, the outlets may also suddenly stop transmitting power whenever you turn on your electrical appliances.

One of the main causes of faulty power outlets is wear and tear but, even in such cases, it is still crucial to properly troubleshoot them to determine the truth. Unlike electrical wiring, troubleshooting electrical power outlets require expertise and equipment that only a professional electrical contractor like Electrical Service Singapore can deliver.

Worn out electrical wiring

Many kinds of electrical wiring is insulated and, also installed in concealed areas out of the reach of the people using the buildings. However, electrical wires still succumb to a series of risks including insects and rodents that usually eat them. Besides, the wires also wear out after their life expectancy is over. In case you are doing renovations, it is also advisable to update the electrical wiring system. But, even that will require you to hire a professional electrical contractor to troubleshoot the building’s electrical wiring system beforehand. After troubleshooting, an electrician will suggest the most suitable solutions including repair, replacement or upgrade.

Unstable / flickering lights

This is also another common electrical issue that most homeowners are faced with from time to time. Whenever your lights start to flicker, there could be a problem with the wiring. The wires may be lose or exposed, thereby causing short circuits. However, flickering lights may also suggest issues with the lighting fixtures and related electrical appliances. For faulty light fixtures, you can first try to change them to see if the problem persists. Failure to properly diagnose and resolve the issues on time could result in replacing the entire lighting system and fixtures, which will not come cheaply. To avoid all these unnecessary costs, simply engage a professional electrical contractor to troubleshoot the lights.

At Electrical Service Singapore, we are the licensed electrical contractors in Singapore that you should always contact for professional electrical troubleshooting services Singapore. We specialize in comprehensive electrical repair and replacement services.

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